Gus, the salon mascot, poses in a bathtub.


We offer Dog grooming and bathing with our experienced groomers six days a week by appointment only.

‍ Nail trims available by walk-in, no appointment necessary!

Grooming: Dogs

Price will be determined at the time of groom.  Every breed of dog has a base price range; mixed breeds will be determined depending on which breed they most resemble.  

All full grooms and full baths include a   bath, 10-minute brush out, nail trimming, ear cleaning,

ear hair removal if needed, cologne and a bow or bandanna.  Every dog is given either a blueberry/vanilla facial shampoo or baby shampoo (for the more sensitive dogs).  Blueberry helps calm your pooch during the bath and helps remove eye stains.  

We are proud to use Tropiclean shampoo and conditioners.  They are all-natural, soap free and rated very high in the industry.  (Advantage and Frontline safe).

Extra Brushing/De-matting/Scissoring/Clean Feet:  $10 for each 10-minute increment

Anal Gland Expression:  $9 with full groom or bath  or  $17 Walk-in

Tooth Care:  $6  (3-5 minute surface brushing with chicken flavored Petrodex toothpaste and breath spray)

Nail Trim (Walk-in):  $15             

Nail Trim/Buffing (Walk-in): $20

Nail Buffing:  $7 with full groom or bath

Ear Cleaning/Ear Hair Removal (Walk-in) $5

Kiwi or Hypo Conditioners: $3 under 40 lbs. or $5 over 40lbs.                                        

Oatmeal Shampoo:  $3 under 40 lbs.  or  $5 over  40lbs.  

Oxy Medicated Treatment:  $5 under 40 lbs.  or  $8 over 40 lbs.  

Updated 11/2023– Prices subject to change without notice.

Photo of Gus, the salon mascot, in a Buffalo Bills jersey.

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